To all our valuable customers:

As you know by now, TCEQ and EPA has deemed widespread use of on-board use of ORVR equipment in gasoline-burning cars, light-duty trucks and SUV’s. This allows these agencies to approve the removal of stage II equipment from gasoline dispensing facilities (GDF) starting April 16, 2014.

Attached is a summary outlining the process of Stage II decommissioning. It also answers some questions regarding the stage II removal topics. Please use this as a guideline to implement your decommissioning projects. Also, please share this with any customers and end-users that may have questions regarding decommissioning.

There are many positive notions to decommissioning/removing a stage II system on a GDF.

  1. Electricity use of the vapor pump is eliminated.
  2. Stage II testing is eliminated.
  3. Daily inspection of stage II equipment is eliminated.
  4. Labor for service technician(s) and repair of stage II equipment will be eliminated.
  5. Stage II equipment purchases will be eliminated.

We are highly recommending a site survey be conducted by the decommissioning contractor prior to bidding any decommissioning projects.

Disabling and removal of the equipment in the dispenser may be required by a licensed service/tank contractor. Capping of the vapor return line(s), most of the stage II equipment or removal of many central vacuum units must be performed by a TCEQ licensed tank contractor.