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    F0043600A grease nozzle with rigid metal spout and z swivel oz and lb pneumatic. Upgrade your lubrication process with the Greaster Nozzle by PIUSI USA Inc. The F0043600A model is a high-quality grease nozzle that comes equipped with a rigid metal spout and a convenient Z swivel for ease of movement. This design allows for precise application in various orientations, enhancing your ability to reach difficult spots. Additionally, it’s designed for pneumatic systems and features measurements in both ounces and pounds, providing versatility and accuracy for different lubrication needs. Whether you’re working in automotive, industrial, or mechanical settings, this grease nozzle is a reliable tool for efficient and controlled grease application. Available at J&N Supply Co in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, it’s a valuable addition to any lubrication toolkit.

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