1/8 X Cap

Item Description

Introducing the 1/8″ X Cap Fitting, a crucial element for your black steel pipe system. Designed to fit 1/8″ black steel pipes with schedule 40 dimensions, this cap provides a secure and effective seal, closing off the end of the pipe with precision.

Manufactured from robust black steel, the 1/8″ X Cap Fitting ensures durability and resilience within your pipe setup. Its schedule 40 specifications ensure compatibility with pipes of the same dimensions, ensuring a seamless integration for plumbing, industrial, or construction projects.

For an alternative reference, consider looking up 33C 1001C L-G to explore further fitting options that align with your requirements. This alternative reference expands your choices, making sure you find the ideal solution tailored to your specific application.

Opt for the dependable 1/8″ X Cap Fitting and its alternative selections to guarantee effective pipe sealing in your projects. Embrace the quality, longevity, and compatibility that contribute to a secure and efficient black steel pipe system.

1/8" Black steel pipe schedule 40
Quick Reference
Black steel pipe / pipe nipples
Alternate Lookup
33C 1001C L-G