1038 Pump Diaphragm 3/4″

Item Description

Double Diaphragm 3/4 aluminum. Optimize your fluid transfer operations with the 1038 Pump Diaphragm 3/4″ by National-Spencer, Inc. This double diaphragm pump, crafted from durable aluminum, is designed for efficiency and reliability. The 3/4-inch size makes it suitable for a variety of medium-volume transfer applications. Its aluminum construction ensures a lightweight yet robust design, capable of handling a range of fluids with ease. The double diaphragm mechanism provides consistent and smooth operation, ensuring effective and reliable fluid transfer. Ideal for industrial, automotive, or agricultural use, this pump is a versatile and essential tool for any operation requiring regular fluid movement. Find the 1038 Pump Diaphragm at J&N Supply Co in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

National-Spencer, Inc.
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