1213A Grease Pump 60:1 Ratio 120

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1213A Grease Pump 60:1 Ratio 120

Item Description

1213A Grease Pump 60:1 Ratio 120lb dru,, 2.2 lbs per minute, 6′ hose, 1/4 x 4′ air hose, drum dolly, drum cover, follow plate, Z swivel Air line filter, Bung Adapter. “Streamline your lubrication tasks with the 1213A Grease Pump 60:1 Ratio 120 by National-Spencer, Inc. Zee Line. This comprehensive grease pump system is designed for the efficient handling and application of grease from a 120lb drum, delivering an impressive 2.2 lbs of grease per minute. With its powerful 60:1 ratio, it ensures high-performance delivery for demanding industrial, automotive, and agricultural applications.

The package includes a 6-foot high-pressure grease hose and a 1/4 inch by 4-foot air hose, providing flexibility and reach for various lubrication tasks. Additionally, the included drum dolly makes it easy to maneuver the 120lb drum around the workspace, while the drum cover and follow plate ensure cleanliness and minimize waste by scraping the drum’s interior walls as it empties.

For precise application, the Z swivel allows for easy hose positioning and reduces strain on the operator’s hands and wrists. The air line filter protects the system from contaminants, ensuring smooth operation, and the bung adapter facilitates secure attachment to the drum.

Ideal for facilities requiring a reliable, high-volume grease dispensing solution, the 1213A Grease Pump offers durability, efficiency, and convenience. Available at J&N Supply Co in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, this grease pump system is an essential tool for keeping your machinery running smoothly and extending its service life.

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