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will work for 250AE-30 also. Upgrade your filtration system with the versatile 200AE-30 by Central Illinois Mfg. Co. / CIM-TEK Filtration. Designed for high-efficiency, this filter is also fully compatible with systems requiring the 250AE-30 model, ensuring flexibility and reliability in your fluid handling operations. It’s crafted to meet the demanding requirements of various applications, providing exceptional filtration to protect your equipment and ensure optimal performance. Whether you’re dealing with agricultural, industrial, or automotive fluids, the 200AE-30 delivers superior filtration, removing contaminants effectively to prolong the life of your machinery and maintain system cleanliness. Available at J&N Supply Co in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, this filter is an essential upgrade for any setup requiring clean and efficient fluid transfer.

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40830PA-DV Petro Cle
Central Illinois Mfg. Co. / CIM-TEK Filtration
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