295SA-0135 AVGAS Nozzle

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295SA-0135 AVGAS Nozzle

Item Description

Introducing the 295SA-0135 AVGAS Nozzle by OPW Fueling Components – a specialized solution for aircraft refueling. This nozzle is meticulously designed to meet the unique requirements of aviation fueling systems, ensuring safe and efficient fuel transfer for aircraft.

Featuring dimensions of 1″ x 1 1/4″ x 1″, the 295SA-0135 AVGAS Nozzle is precisely engineered for aircraft fueling applications. Its design guarantees compatibility with aviation fuel systems, providing a secure and reliable connection.

Whether you’re refueling small planes or larger aircraft, the 295SA-0135 AVGAS Nozzle by OPW Fueling Components offers precision and efficiency. Trust in its quality construction and compatibility to meet the stringent demands of aviation fueling.

Choose the 295SA-0135 AVGAS Nozzle for dependable and safe aircraft refueling. OPW Fueling Components’ commitment to excellence ensures that this nozzle delivers the quality and performance required for aviation applications. Experience the difference of a dedicated solution designed to meet the specific needs of aircraft fueling.

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