33469204 3″ LCX Containment sle

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33469204 3″ LCX Containment sle

Item Description

3″ straight containment sleeve.

Enhance the safety and integrity of your fueling system with the 33469204 3″ LCX Containment Sleeve by NOV Fiber Glass Systems. This high-quality containment sleeve is designed for use in fuel handling and storage systems, providing an essential layer of protection by containing leaks and preventing environmental contamination.

The 3″ straight containment sleeve is particularly suited for enclosing secondary containment piping, ensuring that any leaks from the primary line are effectively captured and managed. Its robust fiberglass construction offers excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion, making it durable and reliable for long-term use in harsh environments.

Ideal for fueling stations, industrial plants, and anywhere where fuel or hazardous liquids are handled, the 33469204 LCX Containment Sleeve helps meet stringent environmental and safety regulations. Its straightforward design ensures easy installation and compatibility with existing piping systems.

Available at supply stores across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the 33469204 3″ LCX Containment Sleeve by NOV Fiber Glass Systems is an essential investment for any facility committed to maintaining high safety standards and environmental responsibility in their operations.

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