521RUS-15 Shear Valve Union

Item Description

1 1/2″ single poppet union shear valve.

Optimize your fuel system’s safety and efficiency with the 521RUS-15 Shear Valve Union by Universal Valve Co. This essential component is specifically designed as a 1 1/2″ single poppet union shear valve, crucial for preventing fuel leaks in the event of a dispenser impact or other disruptions.

The 521RUS-15 features a shear valve mechanism that effectively shuts off fuel flow automatically if the pump is dislodged or damaged, significantly reducing the risk of fuel spillage and fire hazards. Its design ensures a reliable seal and durable performance under various operating conditions, making it a vital part of any safety-conscious fuel dispensing setup.

Ideal for service stations, fleet fueling facilities, and any application involving fuel dispensers, this shear valve union is engineered to provide a high level of safety by adhering to stringent industry standards for fuel handling and emergency shutoff capabilities.

Available at supply stores across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the 521RUS-15 Shear Valve Union by Universal Valve Co is a crucial investment for maintaining the safety and integrity of your fuel dispensing operations. Ensure your installation is equipped with dependable safety mechanisms to protect both equipment and personnel.

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