6102-4000 Hose Retriever Box

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6102-4000 Hose Retriever Box

Item Description

6102-4000 Hose Retriever Box 102 Box Only Overhead crossbar verticle post hose retractor box.
Streamline your fueling station’s operations and enhance safety with the 6102-4000 Hose Retriever Box by OPW Fueling Components. This robust hose retriever box is designed to integrate seamlessly with your fueling system, providing a neat and efficient solution for managing fuel hoses. The 6102-4000 model includes the box only, specifically designed to accommodate an overhead crossbar and vertical post for hose retraction, ensuring hoses are neatly stored and easily accessible.

Crafted for durability and long-lasting performance, this hose retriever box helps protect hoses from wear and environmental damage, prolonging their lifespan and maintaining optimal functionality. Its design promotes a safer fueling environment by keeping hoses off the ground, reducing tripping hazards and ensuring a tidy service area.

Ideal for any fueling station looking to improve service efficiency and maintain a professional appearance, the 6102-4000 Hose Retriever Box is available at J&N Supply Co in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, ready to enhance the functionality and safety of your fueling operations.

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