659559-05 E85 Nozzle Husky 3/4

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659559-05 E85 Nozzle Husky 3/4

Item Description

Introducing the 659559-05 E85 Nozzle by Husky – a high-quality solution designed for E85 fuel dispensing. This nozzle features a vibrant yellow color and is equipped with a splash guard, making it an essential choice for handling E85 ethanol fuel.

With a 3/4″ diameter, the 659559-05 E85 Nozzle is engineered to efficiently dispense E85 fuel, providing a reliable and safe fueling experience. The yellow color serves as a clear identifier for E85 compatibility, ensuring proper fuel selection and preventing fuel mix-ups.

The integrated splash guard adds an extra layer of protection during fueling, minimizing spills and enhancing user safety. Whether you’re operating a fuel station or managing a fleet of E85-powered vehicles, this nozzle offers convenience and peace of mind.

Choose the 659559-05 E85 Nozzle by Husky for reliable and efficient E85 fuel dispensing. With its distinctive yellow color, splash guard, and 3/4″ diameter, this nozzle is an excellent choice for ensuring the accurate and secure fueling of E85 ethanol fuel.

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