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High-Volume Particulate Filter. Upgrade your fluid handling systems with the 800-30 High-Volume Particulate Filter by Central Illinois Mfg. Co. / CIM-TEK Filtration. This premium filter is designed to effectively remove particulate contaminants from high-volume fluid streams, ensuring clean and safe operation. Ideal for use in fuel distribution, industrial applications, and any setting requiring the filtration of large volumes of liquid, the 800-30 filter provides exceptional clarity and flow rates. Its robust construction guarantees durability and long-term performance, making it a reliable choice for protecting your equipment and maintaining the quality of your fluids. Available at J&N Supply Co in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the 800-30 High-Volume Particulate Filter is an essential component for any operation prioritizing efficiency and cleanliness in fluid handling.

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51113P Petro Clear
Central Illinois Mfg. Co. / CIM-TEK Filtration
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