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Water Absorb/Detecting Element for Cent I, II, III, IV. Enhance your fuel filtration system’s efficiency with the EHS-10 Water Absorb/Detecting Element by Central Illinois Mfg. Co. / CIM-TEK Filtration. Designed to fit the Centurion I, II, III, and IV models, this advanced filtration element specializes in both absorbing water and detecting its presence in fuel systems. It plays a crucial role in maintaining fuel quality by preventing water contamination, thereby protecting your equipment from corrosion and other water-related issues. Ideal for a range of applications including automotive, industrial, and agricultural settings, the EHS-10 ensures that your fuel remains clean and efficient. By incorporating this element into your filtration setup, you’re taking a proactive step towards extending the lifespan of your machinery and ensuring optimal performance. Available at J&N Supply Co in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the EHS-10 is an essential component for any serious fuel management system.

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PCW-E10 Petro Clear
Central Illinois Mfg. Co. / CIM-TEK Filtration
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