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Water Absorb/Detecting Element for Cent I, II, III, IV. Protect your fuel systems from water contamination with the EHS-30 by Central Illinois Mfg. Co. / CIM-TEK Filtration. This water-absorbing and detecting element is designed for compatibility with Centurion I, II, III, and IV models, offering an effective solution for identifying and removing water from fuel. Its specialized design ensures that any water present is absorbed, maintaining the purity and efficiency of your fuel supply. This element is crucial for preventing water-related issues, ensuring the smooth operation of your equipment. Ideal for a range of industrial and commercial applications, the EHS-30 is available at J&N Supply Co in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

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PCW-E30 Petro Clear
Central Illinois Mfg. Co. / CIM-TEK Filtration
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