K-2-101 Leak Interstitial Gauge

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K-2-101 Leak Interstitial Gauge

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K-2-101 Leak Interstitial Gauge for 103-1/2″ tank.
Enhance your environmental safety measures with the K-2-101 Leak Interstitial Gauge by Krueger Sentry Gauge Co., Inc. This highly reliable interstitial gauge is specifically designed for tanks with a depth of 103-1/2 inches, offering precise leak detection within the interstitial space of double-walled tanks. Its role is crucial in the early identification of leaks, helping to prevent potential environmental contamination and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

The K-2-101 Leak Interstitial Gauge is engineered for durability and accuracy, making it an essential component for monitoring the integrity of fuel, chemical, and other hazardous liquid storage systems. With this gauge, facility operators can maintain vigilant oversight over their storage tanks, safeguarding against leaks that could lead to significant environmental and financial repercussions.

Available at J&N Supply Co in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the Krueger Sentry Gauge Co., Inc. K-2-101 Leak Interstitial Gauge is a vital investment for any operation that prioritizes environmental protection, safety, and regulatory compliance.

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