K-2-120 Leak Interstitial Gauge

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K-2-120 Leak Interstitial Gauge

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K-2-120 Leak Interstitial Gauge for 122-1/2″ Tank.
Secure your storage tank system with the K-2-120 Leak Interstitial Gauge by Krueger Sentry Gauge Co., Inc. This specialized interstitial gauge is meticulously designed for tanks with a depth of 122-1/2 inches, offering precise monitoring to detect any leaks within the interstitial space. The K-2-120 is an essential tool for maintaining the integrity and safety of double-walled tanks, ensuring that any potential environmental hazards are identified early.

Featuring durable construction and accurate measurement capabilities, the K-2-120 Leak Interstitial Gauge provides peace of mind for tank operators, particularly in industries where the containment of hazardous liquids is critical. This gauge is a vital component of any comprehensive tank monitoring system, designed to comply with environmental regulations and prevent costly cleanups.

Available at J&N Supply Co in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the Krueger Sentry Cauge Co., Inc. K-2-120 is an indispensable asset for facilities that prioritize environmental protection and operational safety.

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