PI-701-107 Lens for Main Display

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PI-701-107 Lens for Main Display

Item Description

Main display lens M02650B001 for dispenser.
Enhance the visibility and durability of your fuel dispenser’s main display with the PI-701-107 Lens for Main Display. Designed to fit the specific requirements of M02650B001 model dispensers, this high-quality lens ensures that your display remains clear, protected, and easily readable under all environmental conditions. Whether it’s bright sunlight or harsh weather, the PI-701-107 Lens safeguards the display, prolonging its lifespan while maintaining optimal visibility for customers.

Ideal for service stations seeking to maintain a professional appearance and functionality of their dispensing equipment, this main display lens is an essential component for any dispenser requiring clarity and durability. Its precise engineering guarantees a perfect fit, ensuring easy installation and an immediate improvement in display protection.

Available at J&N Supply Co in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the PI-701-107 Lens for Main Display is a crucial investment for fueling facilities prioritizing customer experience and the longevity of their dispensers.

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