RP200-11 CNI Lid 200

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RP200-11 CNI Lid 200

Item Description

RP200-11 replacement lid for spill bucket 200 with finger grip holes.
Upgrade and maintain your spill containment system with the RP200-11 CNI Lid 200. This replacement lid is specifically designed for the spill bucket 200, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance in protecting against spills and contamination. Featuring convenient finger grip holes, this lid allows for easy removal and secure placement, enhancing user accessibility and safety during maintenance or inspection routines.

Constructed with durability in mind, the RP200-11 CNI Lid 200 is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting reliability and protection for your spill containment needs. Whether you’re managing fueling operations, chemical storage, or any application requiring stringent spill prevention measures, this replacement lid is an essential component of your spill containment strategy.

Available at J&N Supply Co in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the RP200-11 CNI Lid 200 offers peace of mind by maintaining the integrity and functionality of your spill containment systems, ensuring environmental compliance and safety in your operations.

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