SBC-2200 Barbed Swivel Adapter

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SBC-2200 Barbed Swivel Adapter

Item Description

The SBC-2200 Barbed Swivel Adapter by OPW Fueling Components is a high-performance swivel male barb coupling designed to facilitate secure and efficient fluid connections in your fueling or liquid transfer systems. This adapter features a 2.0″ male threaded end and a clamp-style connection, allowing for easy attachment to hoses and ensuring a tight, leak-proof seal.

Constructed from durable materials, the SBC-2200 is built to withstand the rigors of heavy use in industrial environments, including handling petroleum products, chemicals, and other fluids. The swivel functionality of the adapter allows for greater flexibility and maneuverability, reducing stress on hoses and equipment, and extending the life of your system components.

Ideal for applications requiring reliable, rotational connections, such as in fuel delivery systems or industrial fluid handling setups, the SBC-2200 Barbed Swivel Adapter ensures smooth operation and ease of maintenance. Available at supply stores across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, this adapter by OPW Fueling Components offers a practical and effective solution for enhancing your operational efficiency and system reliability.

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SBC-2200 Barbed Swivel Adapter
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