UGF-21MP-R100 SF x MNPT 1″

Item Description

Introducing the UGF-21MP-R100 SF x MNPT 1″ by Omega Flex – a versatile solution for your sanitary fitting needs. This fitting features a 1″ sanitary fitting connection on one end and a male NPT (National Pipe Thread) connection on the other, providing seamless compatibility and functionality.

Crafted to the highest standards, the UGF-21MP-R100 SF x MNPT 1″ ensures a secure and leak-free connection between sanitary systems and NPT pipes. Its robust construction guarantees durability and reliability, making it suitable for various sanitary applications across industries.

The 1″ sanitary fitting offers efficient fluid flow, while the male NPT connection ensures a secure attachment to NPT pipes. This fitting simplifies installation and minimizes downtime, enhancing your operational efficiency.

Experience the quality and precision that Omega Flex is known for. The UGF-21MP-R100 SF x MNPT 1″ is a testament to their commitment to providing dependable solutions for fluid handling and sanitary applications. Choose this fitting for a reliable connection that meets the highest industry standards.

Double Trac Fitting 1"
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