UGF-FC15MSP90SFA-018 1 1/2Flex

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UGF-FC15MSP90SFA-018 1 1/2Flex

Item Description

1 1/2″ x 18 Flex 90 elbow 1 1/2 SF 90 with male NPT connector male swivel at top NPT.
Enhance the flexibility and durability of your piping systems with the UGF-FC15MSP90SFA-018 1 1/2″ Flex by Omega Flex. This flexible connector features a 1 1/2″ diameter and an 18-inch length, complete with a 90-degree elbow and a SuperFlex (SF) assembly for superior movement and alignment capabilities. The fitting includes a male NPT connector with a male swivel at the top, facilitating easy installation and adjustment in tight spaces.

Ideal for systems requiring frequent movement or vibration isolation, such as HVAC, gas, or water lines, this flexible connector allows for significant angular and lateral offset without compromising the integrity of the pipeline. The construction is robust, designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures while resisting corrosion and wear.

Available at supply stores across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the UGF-FC15MSP90SFA-018 offers an excellent solution for enhancing system reliability and ease of maintenance in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. It’s a perfect choice for professionals looking for high-quality, flexible connections that can adapt to a variety of installation environments and requirements.

Flexing 1 1/2"
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