33469207 3″ termination contain

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33469207 3″ termination contain

Item Description

3″ containment termination.
Upgrade the safety and compliance of your containment systems with the 33469207 3″ Containment Termination by NOV Fiber Glass Systems. This specialized component is designed to cap or terminate the ends of 3″ containment piping, ensuring that the system is securely sealed and protected from environmental exposure.

The 3″ containment termination is an essential part of maintaining the integrity of secondary containment systems, particularly in fuel handling and chemical storage facilities. It is crafted from durable materials that offer robust resistance to chemicals and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability under a variety of environmental conditions.

Ideal for applications requiring stringent safety measures, such as fueling stations, industrial chemical plants, and any facility dealing with hazardous liquids, the 33469207 ensures that your containment system meets all necessary safety and environmental regulations. Its design facilitates easy installation and integration with existing containment systems, making it a practical choice for system upgrades or new installations.

Available at supply locations across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the 33469207 3″ Containment Termination by NOV Fiber Glass Systems is a critical component for any operation that prioritizes safety, environmental responsibility, and regulatory compliance in their fluid management practices.

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